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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Multiple Choice practice quiz

Multiple Choices: Choose the word/phrase that best completes each statement.

  1. This story takes place during
    a. The Civil War
    b. WWI
    c. WWII
    d. The Great Depression

  2. This story takes place near the Salinas River in
    a. Virginia
    b. California
    c. Kansas
    d. Canada

  3. George and Lennie dreamed of having a little ranch of their own
    a. To “live off the fat of the land.”
    b. To never have to work for another man again
    c. To keep Lennie out of harms’ way
    d. All of the above

  4. Curley wants revenge on Lennie at the end of the novel for
    a. Killing his wife
    b. Crippling his hand
    c. Killing his puppy
    d. Making a fool out of him in a euchre game

  5. At the end of the novel, Lennie fled to
    a. Aunt Clara’s old farm near Sacramento
    b. Back to Weed
    c. The next ranch
    d. The brush by the river; first campsite

  6. The character in the story whom we feel the least sympathy for is
    a. Crooks
    b. Lennie
    c. Curley
    d. Curley’s Wife

  7. George tells Lennie not to speak to anyone when they first arrive at the ranch
    a. Because he is ashamed of Lennie
    b. Because George has to be the big shot all the time
    c. Because the Boss will not hire them if he realizes Lennie is retarded
    d. Lennie gets into trouble and fights easily

  8. Curley’s Wife learns the truth about how Curley’s hand got crushed when
    a. She sees the machinery in the barn
    b. Slim tells her
    c. When Curley tells her to get her sympathy
    d. When she guesses how Lennie got the bruises on his face

  9. Lennie could not be considered
    a. Mean
    b. Loyal c. Forgetful
    d. Childlike

  10. Crooks tormented Lennie by
    a. Taking his food
    b. Ridiculing his appearance
    c. Telling Lennie that George might not return and Lennie would be alone
    d. Calling him racial slurs

  11. When Lennie killed the puppy, he worried that
    a. Wouldn’t be allowed to tend b. Clara would find out c. George and he would get fired d. Slim would beat him up

  12. Lennie carried a dead mouse in his pocket to: a. scare people with b. annoy George c.To hide it d. d. To pet because it was soft

  13. Lennie’s fondness for mice, rabbits and puppies reveals a. His childlike personality b. His need to hurt things c. His ability to work with animals d. Foreshadow the ending

  14. At the beginning, George and Lennie were on the run because a. Lennie was accused of attacking a girl b. George was caught stealing c. George had killed a man d. They were both going to be lynched

  15. To cope with his loneliness, Crooks a. Reads b. books c. Fights prejudice with predjudice
    d. Plays horseshoes
    e. All of the above
    f. None of the above

  16. The boss is suspicious of Lennie because
    a. He has shifty eyes
    b. He is so big
    c. He doesn’t talk
    e. He kills animals

  17. Curley’s wife invites Lennie to touch
    a. The mutt
    b. Her red dress
    c. Her hair
    d. The rabbit

  18. The men joke about Curley because he wears
    a. Loud shirts
    b. A Vaseline-filled glove
    c. Fancy boots
    d. A big hat

  19. The death of the puppy is discovered by
    a. George
    b. Curley
    c. Candy
    d. Curley’s wife

  20. Lennie crushes
    a. Barley
    b. Candy’s dog
    c. Curley’s hand
    d. His rabbit

  21. George kills Lennie with
    a. Carlson’s gun
    b. His hand
    c. A shotgun
    d. A knife

  22. On the dream farm, Lennie will tend
    a. Cows
    b. Pigs
    c. Rabbits
    d. Cats

  23. The conflict(s) of the novelette is(are):
    a. Man vs. society
    b. Man vs. man
    c. Man vs. himself
    d. All of the above
    e. Both A and C

  24. George is upset when they first arrive at the bunkhouse because
    a. They missed lunch
    b. One of the ranch hands starts touching George’s possession
    c. He finds a can of insect and lice killer on the shelf above his mattress
    d. The boss has told him Lennie and George can’t work together

  25. As they’re on the riverbank preparing for dinner, Lennie complains that they don’t have
    a. Spoons to eat with
    b. Chocolate cake for dessert
    c. Matches to light a fire
    d. Ketchup for the beans

    True/False- Write out the complete word.

    Lennie realizes the ranch is a “mean” place and wants to leave.
    George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley.
    George looks after Lennie because they are cousins.
    According to Candy, Curley, is a bully who likes to pick fights with men bigger than he is.
    Lennie likes to kill small animals.
    Lennie is too frightened to defend himself.
    Aunt Clara is unable to care for Lennie because of her own mental handicap.

    Matching- Match each person or place with the appropriate identifying phrase.

    Curley’s wife

    Stable buck
    The old swamper
    Lennie’s aunt
    Bored and restless
    Town near the ranch
    The boss’s son :prince of the ranch”


Anonymous said...

hey that was a great help!

Anonymous said...

How do we know what the answers are??

Anonymous said...

how do we know the answerssssssssssss????????

Anonymous said...

Firstly on question it goes 16a,b,c,e. COME ON! Its the alphabet. And on the question where you ask what does Crooks do to keep himself interested it goes a, read, b, books.
They're the same thing!
And like everyone else, where are the answers, this exercise is a waste of time if we don't know the answers.

Try and keep the layout the same

Other than that Thx

Anonymous said...

for everyone asking "where are the answers? where are the answers?" They're in the Freekin Book! Duh... it's called "READING!" and these are the simplest questions possible. Anyone who's even heard a 2 minute summary of the book could answer these. If your smart enough to get here, I'm sure you could find your way to spark notes.